Marion Macdonald

Retirement has been a journey of new discoveries for me, one them being creative writing.  After completing an Open University course in Creative Writing in 2015 I began with short stories and poetry, then decided to try my hand at a novel. One Year was the result, which I self-published through KDP in 2017. Reviews have been positive, and it was awarded second place in a recent competition organised by the Scottish Association of Writers for a self-published novel. I have almost finished writing my second novel and haven’t decided yet whether to go the self-publishing route again or to try sending it to publishers. I was delighted to receive a runner-up prize from Write Time for my short story ‘I Promise’ and feel privileged that my short story, ‘Always on my Mind’ was accepted for the last edition of The Weekly News being published in May 2020.

One Year can be purchased on Kindle for £1.99 at