Bearsden Writers Programme for session 2020- 2021

Here is the programme for the current session. All meetings begin at 10.00 am.


10 September         Welcome to the new session.

24 September         Introduction to this session’s programme.

8 October                Entering Scottish Association of Writers Competitions

22 October              Writing a Women’s short story

5 November            Writing a General Article

19 November          Writing a Book Review

3 December             Writing a Short Story

17 December           Xmas Event with Flash Fiction Exercise


7 January                  Scripting a Sketch for Video

21 January                Writing a Short Story for under-7’s

4 Febryary                Writing a Historical Novel

18 February              Writing Non-Fiction

4 March                     Opening a Novel

18 March                   Writing Crime Fiction

1 April                         Writing a Stage Play

15 April                       Members report on 2021 SAW Competitions

29 April                       Adding Diversity to your Writing

13 May                       Open Microphone session

27 May                       Either Writing a Children’s Book or Writing a Memoir

3 June                         Events for Milngavie Week

17 June                      AGM and end-of-session event


At the moment all events will be Zoom meetings. These will be between 40 minutes and one hour in length. Each session will consist of a short introduction and a writing task. Some of the writing tasks will be set in advance, so that some products can be read out and/or discussed.

Zoom meetings will be replaced by face-to-face meetings only when Scottish Government guidelines indicate that it’s safe to do so. At that point the venue will be indicated. Face-to-face meetings will last two hours, and will include an introduction, writing task and discussion.

Programme items may be changed due to circumstances, so this programme should be regarded as indicative rather than definitive.

Please note that the programme is not a structured course in how to write. It is simply an opportunity for writers of all kinds to get together, talk about writing, and try their hand at a variety of writing activities.