Bearsden Writers Meeting of 6th January 2022

Write up provided by Myra Duffy.

They say there’s no substitute for experience and the experiences of members of Bearsden Writers in navigating the difficult world of publishing proved this to be true at today’s meeting.

The meeting was an informal one with contributions from everyone who attended, ranging from those traditionally published, those self-published or hybrid and others who have yet to submit their work.

There was agreement that the publishing world is a rapidly changing one and that while it is increasingly difficult to access one of the major companies without an agent, there are many small publishers now who are prepared to accept submissions directly from writers. The advice was to check out the appropriate websites and make sure you keep to the requirements.

There was a lively discussion about traditional as against self-publishing and the benefits of each to the writer. A social media presence is essential, whichever you choose. And there were various contributions on the topics of blog tours and reviews and how a writer should deal with rejection or negative reviews. Being published also involves an element of luck, according to some of the writers who recounted their journey to publication.

As we ended the meeting there was a feeling that, while publication in any form may well be desirable, the most important thing is to keep writing and to enjoy it.

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