The Christmas Zoom: 16th December 2021

We were so looking forward to an in-person celebration, but the Omicron variant appeared and scuppered our plans. Hurray for Zoom, though. Ten of us came together for a Christmas quiz, party hats, jumpers and readings. We brought our own drinks and mince pies.

Unlike me, a few of us had been out all day. In the car, Gwen had been in Glencoe and had written a marvellous modern piece along the lines of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which she sang to us. She also took the part of the carol singers in Wilma’s sketch in which I played the teenage son. I wore a hoodie and read in my best Glasgow accent. It was about a mother who couldn’t find the good in all aspects of Christmas, but that was because she couldn’t afford it. She’d been to the food bank to scrape the meal together and was feeling a bit down. Her son managed to cheer her up.

The readings were a mix of poetry and prose. I wish we had recorded it. Perhaps the contributors will post the readings on our Forum. The last was by Myra. At the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge surprises everyone with his change of heart about Christmas.

Wilma’s quiz was excellent. A mix of interesting questions for everyone. I was pleased to get the Cockney slang one right. Mince pies? Eyes!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!