Meeting 18th November Write-up

Writing for Science Fiction

This presentation looked at specifics to consider when writing speculative or science fiction stories or novels. Themes covered included: Types of fiction under this umbrella, ideas for writing stories in this genre, character consideration and world building elements. Items for research were also discussed in relation to some of the areas identified in this genre.

Examples from old and new books were used to highlight the aspects discussed and after the presentation the participants joined in with questions on the subject area and shared experiences and materials they have read in this genre. The presentation is available for members who could not attend.

Neet Neilson


  1. Palo Stickland

    It was a very enjoyable presentation. Lots of ground covered, and science-fiction writers, old and new, were remembered. This list is from my notes – Andy Weir, Michael Crichton, Philip K Dick, Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Frank Herbert, HG Wells, Deborah Harkness, Carol Mackay, JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, George Orwell, Ursula Le Guin. And, not in my notes but we did mention my favourites, Steven Donaldson and JRR Tolkien. Thanks, Neet.

  2. Leela Soma

    Hi Neet,
    Sorry I could not be there for your presentation. I heard that it was excellent. It is recorded and you sent us a great copy for members to use. It is a totally new genre for me. Thanks for all the sources for writing in this genre. As always a very useful, informative and interesting presentation.

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