Bearsden Writers Meeting Write Up Thursday 7th October 2021

Write Up Provided By David Shaw
The main character, a successful and published crime writer, runs a workshop on writing a synopsis for a publisher or literary agent in a dark and dim room in Milngavie near Glasgow.  Two new members are welcomed for the first time. Some fifteen or so Bearsden Writers’ Group members, all at various stages of the writing journey and spanning many writing genres, hang on her every word.  Silence falls as the PowerPoint begins.
The lights go out.  Killer wasps invade.  There’s a deluge outside. The janitor’s ghostly whistling from below interrupts proceedings briefly.  The workshop leader perseveres with her PowerPoint and is supported well by the group.  Several interesting and valuable exercises are carried out.  Homework is issued.  The workshop leader is thanked warmly and genuinely.
A brave new member dispatches the wasps.  There is much relief.  The janitor’s whistling is silenced politely and lightly and the lights make a welcome return.
Tea, coffee and biscuits are served.  There is much lively conversation about writing synopses.
The group disperses in cheerful mood.
The deluge continues outside in the car park.
Later, everyone receives valuable links and notes by email.
And, they all published successfully with great ease and grace happily ever after.


  1. Leela Soma

    Thank you, David for a humorous blog on our meeting yesterday. Very ‘Octoberish’ with the killer wasps and ghostly whistles, dark room, the deluge, almost like Stephen King’s novel. And a lovely ending.

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