Notes on a Meeting: 1 April 2021

Neet Neilson gave an excellent presentation on writing for the stage. Concise and insightful, Neet spoke from experience and was able to provide our group with an insider’s view of the process. Playwriting sounds like quite a roller coaster ride (but in a good way!) and I learned a lot about a form of writing I’ve never attempted. One phrase of Neet’s, “parallel planning,” really stuck in my mind. From outlining your idea through to the final curtain, writing for the stage is a collaborative effort.  It’s important the writer be thinking, always, along two lines—the words on the page, the action on the stage—throughout the creative process. She discussed how, for example, ideas about lighting, sound, and props can influence the play as you write and revise and how, during rehearsals, the writer needs to trust the director and actors to exercise their talents to bring the play to life.  Neet followed up her presentation by setting an exercise that we all took a bit of time to attempt on our own and, when we met again later in the morning, we shared our work and had a lively discussion.   Thank you, Neet, for a wonderful talk.

Congratulations are in order, too.  Neet recently signed a two-book deal with Dark Edge Press, who will bring out her novel Hope and Sanctuary this summer, while our co-founder, novelist Leela Soma, has been chosen as the ambassador for the Federation of Writers Scotland. Well done, Neet and Leela!


  1. Leela Soma

    You’ve captured Neet’s presentation really well Michelle. Like you, I’ve never attempted playwriting and Neet’s exercise and her talk made me inspired to have a go. We have such talented writers at our nascent writing club.

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