The Curtains Twitchers

Lockdown inspired me to write something topical, so I tried my hand at a short script. This was the first time I had attempted a script that had to be kept under fifteen minutes. I did some searching on how to format the script and what should be included and NOT included and tried my hand. Since this was for my own pleasure, I hadn’t considered entering it in any competitions. But when my next short film I-SCREAM attained four Laurels/ nominations, I fixed up The Curtain Twitchers – having learned from my mistakes entering I-SCREAM into competitions – and entered it to the Independent Horror Movie Awards and I was delighted to find my short script “The Curtain Twitchers” was nominated for Best Short Script at the 2020 Independent Horror Movie Awards (Winter Edition)! But don’t let the word HORROR put you off. There is no real horror at all-it’s just a black humoured expression of Jean’s compassion for her best friend to ensure she finds happiness.

So I decided why not attempt to make this. The whole premise of the film was that it had to be “filmed” in isolation – so no film crew – just you and your camera. And since everyone was trying to keep “social” by use of social interaction mediums, it seemed appropriate to record myfilm by the same methods. My friends and I (not professional actors hence the script peaking) decided to make the script into a film. So here it is here for you to see if you haven’t already.

An Isolation Lockdown Short.
Jean and her friends are lockdown. They try to support and entertain each other throughout this distressing time with some unexpected consequences.
I hope you enjoy.

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