A Poem for Veganuary – Your Personal Choice

As a writer, I seem to write best when I’m emotionally charged. The poem I wrote for VGN Media, to change perceptions on animal consumption in the lead up to Christmas and Veganuary, is no exception. The poem itself expresses my plea from an activist’s stance, but I wanted to also show the beauty and innocence of the sentient beings slaughtered for human consumption where people can see for themselves how any animal is meant to live freely.

I worked with VGN Media who filmed the footage at two of the animal sanctuaries, and another two sanctuaries sent videos to me to be used. Their cooperation was invaluable to allow me to share the film of these rescued souls and allows also us to raise awareness that these sanctuaries rely solely on donations and volunteers to keep going. My kind friend, Alison Walker (TV and Sports Presenter) gave her time to provide the wonderful vocals for the recording. But I wanted more than just the poem being recited and videos of sanctuary animals. I wanted to see the text itself be expressed.

Kinetic typography is quite a new technique that can graphically express the written word. Stephen Fry has used it before and some pop songs use it to display their lyrics as the song progresses. I couldn’t find any examples of kinetic typography and video working together, but I know what I wanted to see. I found a talented man on YouTube, Jakub Kaszczuk, with some examples, and he patiently worked with me to produce exactly what I had in mind. The dichotomy of the happy animals works in contrast with the text to keep the viewer engrossed in the three-minute message. Furthermore, the heartbeat quietly beating in the background symbolises living, and how these sentient souls want to go on living and they can by the audience making the right Personal Choice.  Here is the Poem – Your Personal Choice 

Neet Neilson